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Racing Chronicle Photo Store Terms and Conditions

The Racing Chronicle Photo Store Site is provided to you free of charge for your personal use subject to these Terms and Conditions. By using the Racing Chronicle Photo Store website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Price

1.1 All prices are quoted in pounds Sterling.

1.2 All item prices are inclusive of delivery and packaging, unless otherwise stated.

1.3 Prices are correct at the time of order only and relate to internet purchases only. All orders for products are subject to availability and we reserve the right to refuse to supply any particular person.

2. Purchasing Photographs

The Racing Chronicle Photo Store website allows the purchase of photographs from the library of Horse Racing related images displayed on the site. These images are intended to give an indication of the final product and there may be slight variations in the following areas:

2.1 Colour - Due to the variations which can occur in the calibration of computer monitors and processing of photographic prints, the colours of the actual photographic print may differ from those displayed on the computer screen

2.2 Size - The images displayed on Racing Chronicle Photo Store website give an approximate indication of the final picture shown on the photographic print. Due to the differing height to width ratios of the respective print sizes available, some cropping of the image may occur to fit the size of the requested photographic print.

2.3 Print Finish - Photographic prints will normally be provided with a gloss finish. However, if it is not possible to provide a gloss print we reserve the right to fulfil orders using matt photographic paper.

3. Purchasing Digital Images

Digital images are normally transmitted fourteen calendar days after the day on which the order is placed, when the cancellation period has expired. Images can be transmitted earlier than the fourteen calendar day cancellation period if you confirm in writing or via e-mail, that you want the image to be transmitted within 14 calendar days and that you waive your cancellation rights.

Due to EU VAT changes introduced on 1st January 2015 we can only supply digital images to UK customers and those outside the EU VAT countries.

4. Copyright/Reproduction of Images and Photographs

All images on the Racing Chronicle Photo Store website including those used in the production of photographic prints purchased from the website, are copyright Racing Chronicle. The images may not be used or reproduced in any form without written permission from Racing Chronicle. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

                        Scanning and reproduction of a purchased print
                        Novelty Photo Merchandize
                        Any published or electronic media

If you wish to use any of our images, or parts of images, reproduction rights must be purchased in advance from the Racing Chronicle Photo Store.

5. Order Confirmation

When placing an order on the Racing Chronicle Photo Store website, you will be directed to the PayPal website to complete the secure payment transaction. On completion of the payment, PayPal will notify you by e-mail of the transaction details. When Racing Chronicle receives notification of your order from PayPal, we shall confirm the details of your order, provide an estimated delivery date and include a copy of these terms and conditions. When your order is ready and has been posted, the actual despatch date and relevant details will also be confirmed by e-mail. To receive these e-mails please ensure that you details on PayPal are correct.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the order information supplied by either PayPal or the Racing Chronicle, please e-mail immediately.

6. Discounts

6.1 We offer a discount of 10% if you purchase 3 or more photographs in a single order. To obtain your discount, simply add your selected photographs to the shopping cart which will automatically calculate the discount when 3 or more items have been entered.

6.2 The discount applies to any size or combination of photographs as long as at least 3 have been added to the cart.

6.3 Should you decide to cancel any part of an order to which the discount has been applied (see paragraph 6) and the amended order has fewer than 3 items then the discount will no longer apply to the remaining items and their price will revert to the original values. These amended prices will be used to calculate the appropriate refund.

6.4 Racing Chronicle reserves the right to withdraw discounts at any time.

7. Cancellations

7.1 You do have the right to cancel your order, via a written communication or e-mail, and receive a full refund. Please be aware that your cancellation rights end fourteen calendar days after the day on which you receive your order.

7.2 If you decide to cancel after the order has been despatched and your cancellation rights are still valid, then the photograph(s) must be returned in their original condition as soon as possible, and not later than fourteen calendar days, to the Racing Chronicle and you are liable for the cost of their return. We recommend that you obtain proof of sending when you return the photograph(s).

7.3 If purchasing image reproduction rights, orders can be cancelled within fourteen calendar days of placing the order, provided the cancellation rights have not been waived and the image has not been despatched.

8. Damaged/Faulty Photographs

While every effort is made to ensure you receive your photographs in good condition, in the case of damage occurring in transit, please e-mail immediately so that we can arrange to replace the damaged/faulty prints.

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